New partner for Adobinve, S.L.
Adobinve S.L .has the pleasure to inform the incorporation of the firm Russo di Casandrino, s.p.a as a new shareholder of our company. The entry of a new industrial partner reinforces the will to continue leading the fellmongery business. Russo di Casandrino s.p.a. is a company with Italian capital represented by actions. It was founded in 1962 by Gennaro and Gianni Russo, descendants of businesses specialized in leather and footwear sector from four generations.

The company started its business in the year 1964 dedicated to the manufacture of leather from lambs and goats. Through a continuous process of development, the company has been able to adapt with success to continuous changing market demands. In 1986, Russo di Casandrino introduced calf skins in his production, making the complete cycle from raw to finish. Late 2008, also acquired the brand ABIP, historic Italian company leader in the industry, specialized, among other areas, in the hair baby calf production.
Publication of the new rates
We have proceeded to the publication of the new rates of the services offered for the company.