ADOBINVE sa is a tanning company, specialized in beamhouse works (wet), of nappa dewooling, double face and wool washing.

The high level service work offered to the comstumers is the combination of the working experience of our professionals, our processes quality and the trust gained and given to our customers.

Our production capacity is 30.000 ovine and goat skins daily, processed from raw to any other semi processed stage: pickle, wet blue or crust.


ADOBINVE sa is a small skins beamhouse that works totally on third hands. The tanners that trust to us their skins, do it with the assurance that they will be processed with care and following the best available process for leather.

In the same way our on time service, and the total integration with our costumers needs, made us to be part of they production program.

We also offer the chance to work our costumers process with totally confidentiality and adaptability to our process and machinery.

Our targets

The continuous improvement of the quality and service that we offer to our costumers based into the our processes and installations efficiency.

To assure to our workers the best working conditions available in the contract relations and to set up all the measures to improve the health and safety at work.

To set up sustainablea production model based into energy efficiency and minimum water consumption.


Our aim is to be a service company.

The honesty and trust of our workers.

The quality of the our manufactured products and the reliability of our process.

The total respect to the society and the environmental that goes further to the simply laws accomplishment.

Our assets

ADOBINVE sa aims to be the small skins Beamhouse European Leather in quality, service and price.

We work hard to be in the first position investing in innovation and research.