ADOBINVE S.L. We are a tanning company specialized in beamhouse works (wet), of nappa dewooling, double face and wool washing. We have among our shareholders three important groups of European tanners of world prestige.

The high level service work offered to the customers is the combination of the working experience of our professionals, our processes quality and the trust gained and given to our customers.

We are European leaders on beamhouse of lambs and calves in quality, service and price.
The tanners that trust to us their skins, do it with assurance that they will be processed with care and following the best available technologies for Leather.

In the same way our in time service, and the total integration with our customers’ needs, made us to be part of their production program.

We also offer the chance to work our customers’ processes with totally confidentiality and adaptability to our processes and machinery.
Our production capacity is 30.000 ovine skins daily, processed from raw to any other semi processed stage: pickle, wet-blue or crust, and 1.000 bovine hides daily from raw to wet-blue.
We assure to our workers the best working conditions available in the contract relations and to set up all the measures to improve the health and safety at work.
We are at the forefront of the tanning sector investing in innovation and research. We promote energy efficiency, water saving and the minimization of waste within a sustainable, efficient, efficient and safe management model.



We offer to our customers a modern factory, with total service and environmentally friendly.


60.000 m2 of land 17.000 m2 of them are built-up area.
Water treatment plant able to process 3.000 m3/day.
Fridge warehouse of 1.600 m2


Our work system is totally cybernetic. Management software S.A.P..
Colomer Technology of beamhouse recognized worldwide.
Technical personnel experienced


Control of arrival of the skins in raw with information detailed of the condition, conservation and more relevant characteristics.
Stocked in fridge warehouse.
Production of dewooling up to pickling or wet-blue.
Production of wool washing and bale packing.
Production of tanning skins of pickling skins.
Production of double face up to picling or crust.
Production of calves up to wet-blue.


General shareholders meeting

The highest representative body made up of the company's shareholders. He must approve the annual management of the company, appoint the CEO and promote the strategic lines.

Managerial team

Joan Vilarrasa

Josep Mª Falgueras
General Manager

Ismael Moreno
Production Manager

Albert Capdevila
Technical manager

Juanjo Aguiló
Maintenance Manager

Sales department

Joan Vilarrasa

Josep Mª Falgueras


Rates to consult.

Ethical code

The Code of Ethics of the Colomer Leather Group reflects the values and ethical principles on which the activity of the Colomer Group must be based, as well as the rules of conduct that must govern the actions of all the Group's professionals.

The Code of Ethics applies to all the companies of the Colomer Leather Group, as well as to all its professionals, regardless of their geographical location, hierarchical position or type of contract. The Code of Ethics is also intended to be extended, as far as possible, to third parties with which the Group has relationships (such as customers and suppliers).

In order to monitor compliance with the Code of Ethics, the Colomer Leather Group has a Compliance Committee which is responsible for ensuring compliance with the legislation in force, the Group's Code of Ethics and the internal regulations that inform it, including the Crime Prevention Model Manual.

Should you have any doubts or questions regarding the interpretation and/or application of the Code of Ethics and other internal regulations related to the Group's Crime Prevention Model, you may contact the Compliance Committee directly at

In addition, if you have any evidence or suspicion of non-compliance with the Code of Ethics, other internal policies or the law, you are expected to report such concerns to the Group through the Ethics Channel.

Download PDF

If you have any evidence or suspicion of non-compliance with the Code of Ethics, other internal policies or the law, you are expected to report such concerns to the Group through the Ethics Channel.

Ethics Channel

As part of its culture of transparency and commitment to the highest standards of business ethics, integrity and compliance, and among other means of communication, the Colomer Leather Group makes this Ethics Channel available to all its professionals and the third parties with which it interacts. It is secure, confidential and available 24 hours a day, allowing any evidence or suspicion of non-compliance with the Code of Ethics, other internal regulations or the law to be reported, even anonymously.

The Ethics Channel can be accessed via the following link:

For more information about the Ethics Channel and other communication channels that are available, as well as the investigation process, you can access the relevant policies.

Download PDF – Incident Reporting Policy

Download PDF – Incident Management and Internal Investigation Procedures



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