ADOBINVE S.L has updated traditional methods of drying skins, with the installation of an air drying system

18 de May de 2020

ADOBINVE S.L. has modernised standard drying systems with an energy-efficient air dryer that uses optimised, cutting-edge technology (BAT).
The project has obtained a subsidy from the SPANISH INSTITUTE FOR ENERGY DIVERSIFICATION AND SAVINGS (IDEA) for investment costs, with ERDF funds of 30%, worth € 93,300.
The project has led to energy savings of some 60% less fossil fuel consumption when compared to the previous system, and a reduction equivalent to 330,000 kg of CO2 per year.
With this project ADOBINVE S.L. is reaffirming its commitment to sustainability, the environment and the fight against climate change.

Colomer Leather Group