Adobinve progresses towards sustainability: new solar energy installation supported by the European Union’s Next Generation funding programme.

20 de February de 2024

Adobinve has successfully completed two vital projects at its industrial plant. The solar photovoltaic installation and the removal of the asbestos roof represent a significant step forward in carbon footprint reduction and the improvement of workplace safety.

The solar photovoltaic installation project boasts a total power output of 401.80 kWp, distributed across 980 modules of 410 Wp, and is expected to prevent the emission of 163 tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year. Not only does this project contribute to climate change mitigation, but it also bolsters Adobinve’s commitment to transitioning towards a more sustainable energy model.

The removal of the asbestos roof reflects the company’s prioritisation of the safety and wellbeing of its employees and the environment. Not only does this measure eliminate a highly hazardous material, but it also strengthens workplace safety standards and protects the health of those who work in the industrial plant.

Both projects received financial support from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan financed by the European Union within the framework of the Next Generation Programme. Adobinve was awarded a grant of €152,847.44, which was essential to the implementation of this initiative.

The completion of the solar installation and the removal of the asbestos roof set an exemplary standard for the adoption of sustainable and safe practices in the business sector.


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